The Team

Becky Margulies
Becky started swimming with Berkeley Aquatic Masters in 2009, and fell hard for open water swimming in 2012. She swims frequently with the Keller Cove Sea Otters in Richmond (CA), and she became a member of SERC (South End Rowing Club) in 2015.  She enjoys kayaking for SERC club swims.  Becky intends to be part of an Otter relay that will swim across the Monterey Bay in September 2016. Becky lives in Berkeley, CA.

Asha Allen
Asha is an accomplished marathon swimmer.  She has swum the length of Lake Tahoe, the Catalina Channel, and SCAR in Arizona.  She swims with Walnut Creek Masters and she is a member of the South End Rowing Club in San Francisco.  She is a member of the Keller Cove Sea Otters, and intends to swim a relay with several of the Otters across Monterey Bay in September of this year.  Asha will also make an attempt on the English Channel this summer, in August. Asha lives in Benecia, CA.

Dan Simonelli
Dan is the Founder and Director of Open Water Swim Academy, (OWSA) as well as the race director of the Scripps Pier-To-Cove Swim. He is a member of the voting panel to decide the honorees of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. In 2015, he won the Service to Marathon Swimming Award, given by the Marathon Swimmers Federation.

Dan is an Official Observer and support crew for CCSF and SBCSA and has served in this capacity for more than 50 Catalina Channel and other open water swims.

And  Dan swims…  SCAR in 2014 and in 2015, and the Catalina Channel in 2015.   Dan swam the Catalina Channel a second time, on January 16, 2016, on the 89th anniversary of the first ever Catalina Channel Crossing (by the seventeen year old Canadian, George Young, in 1927).  Dan lives in San Diego, CA.

Dave Van Mouwerik
Dave first started swimming at the age of 23.  After thirty years of swimming with USMS teams, and swimming in 1 and 2 mile open water swims, he fully caught the marathon swimming bug.  He performed his first marathon swim, the Anacapa Crossing, in 2010, when he was 52 years old. Since then he has swum across Lake Tahoe (lengthwise), the Catalina Channel, a 20.3 mile swim across Sweden’s Lake Siljan (a first), the Estero Bay Crossing (a first), and SCAR in Arizona.  Dave has been a board member of the Santa Barbara Channel Swim Association since 2010, where he currently serves as vice president and observer coordinator. Dave lives in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Anthony McCarley
Some highlights from Anthony’s marathon swimming include the English Channel, the Catalina Channel, the Anacapa Crossing, the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim, and MIMS. Anthony achieved the Triple Crown at the age of 54 (in less than 12 months!).  Anthony is a member of the English Channel Half Century Club.  Anthony performed an  unprecedented swim between two of the US Virgin Islands.  This swim was the first swim ever documented by the Marathon Swim Federation (MSF), and as such marked a historic advancement  in the world of marathon swimming.  Anthony lives in Berwyn, Pennsylvania.

Scott Zacharda
Scott, although a novice to the open water, has  a swimming career that spans forty  years.  As a youth he was nationally ranked; he  was also a multi-college All-American.  Scott coached swimming for over twenty years, and has coached dozens of high school and college All-Americans, as well as a dozen swimmers that qualified for the Olympic Trials.  Scott is  an active runner, and he enjoys Tough Mudders and CrossFit training.  Scott lives in Frederick, MD.

We are all connected in a variety of ways….

Asha and Dan met at Swim Camp Catalina
Dave and Asha met at SCAR 2016
Anthony and Asha met at the San Francisco 24 Hour Relay
Scott and Anthony are brothers-in-law
Dan paddled for Anthony’s Catalina Crossing
Dave was Anthony’s observer in his Anacapa Crossing
Becky and Asha swim together regularly in the San Francisco Bay